6.Handling of goats for new goat farmers.

Handling of goats plays an important role in stall feed and semi-stall feed goat farming methods.It is one of the main factor responsible for a successful and non successful goat farm.

New goat farmers must have some previous experience of goat breeding or should have workers on his farm that have some knowledge regarding goat farming.Also you can't depend on workers at all as most of them are not trusty now days.So its always better to handle the goats personally or should spend maximum of your day time in your farm.

If you won’t handle your goats properly you will surely face severe losses.

Here handling of goats means-

1.Providing balanced nutrition.

2.Proper vaccinations, for example if not vaccinated  against F.M.D they develops ulcers surrounding their mouths and it gets easily spread to all goats of your pen.

3. Identifying of a specific symptom of a disease , if a disease is identified to late it will surely spread to all goats of your farm.

4.Properly milking of goats, especially of miscarriage/aborted goats you have to take all milk from their glands manually.If they have not milk and are placed as they are,there will be blocking of udder(mammary glands) which may even lead to death.

5.Proper cleaning of floor where goats are sitting, if not cleaned properly germs(bacteria) gets accumulated in their internal openings like udder,vagina,eyes,nose etc which further leads to cancer(developing of tumors).In such case goat shows poor performance,yields less milk and gives birth to single kid even if it is of excellent quality of breed,takes longer time to get pregnant,miscarrages several times,gestation period increase beyond the normal limit.

At such time,most of the goat farmers curses the sellers assuming that they have provided them low quality breed or diseased breed.But thats not true,its the goat farmers(buyers) responsibilty to handle it properly.Such things mostly happens when the owner doesnt looks his farm personaly or don’t have any knowledge regarding breeding of goats,he depends on their workers assuming that they will/are doing well and the problem is with the goat(breed) only which the seller has provided to him.

These are only a few examples to explain handling of goats,there are lots of other things too which the goat farmer have to consider while breeding them.