7.P.P.R Vaccination in goats

P.P.R(Peste Des Petits Ruminants/Sheep and goat plague) Vaccination plays an important role in maintaining an immunity against several diseases like constipations ,high fever, pneumonia, rhinitis,dehydration and  weakening of tooth enamels. So farmers should have to provide P.P.R vaccine to their goats and sheep once in a 3 year. All sheep and goats above 4 month age can be vaccinated. The vaccination during the outbreak may or may not be useful but it is not harmful. In case of newly purchased animals, vaccination is preferred only after a quarantine period of 21 days in order to rule out exposure of animals to PPR virus just prior to purchase. If no quarantine facility is available then vaccinate the animals immediately after purchase.1 ml of P.P.R vaccine is injected subcutaneously  per goat or sheep.

P.P.R vaccine has several side effects like-Immense pain after injection, development of tumours on skin (non malignant),feeding capacity decreases for several days, risk of abortions and miscarriages.Inspite of these side effects,goats and sheeps must have to be vaccinate for P.P.R to increase the immunity against several mortal diseases.

The Government of Maharashtra has providing this vaccine to sheeps and goats, at just  1Rs per goat/sheep Also Government of Maharashtra is conducting lots of awareness programs under livestock development offices to vaccinate the goats and sheeps against several fatal diseases, which causes severe financial loss to farmers.Courtesy-starmajha.