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Osmanabadi Goat Farm is an Government Recognized and Recommended Practical Goat Farm Trainng Centre for Veterinary Doctors and Farmers .

We provide you the pureline breeding osmanabadi goats at reasonable prices.These osmanabadi goats are suitable for stall feed,semi stall feed and open grazing goat farm systems.You will get the best of female goats(does),which yields plenty of milk(1-2ltr per day*) and kids (4-8 per yr*).

Osmanabadi Goat Farm by its Researches and Practical Management Practices,achieves significant reduction in overall mortality(death) rate which is 1% in Kids and 0.2% in adults when breeding goats on commercial level.Due to which it ranks second in India,Next to after CIRG,Mathura,U.P.

The best part of osmanabadi goats is that,they can accommodate easily in any part of the country,they are disease resistant's so that they provides you huge profit in lesser time.They eats any farm fodder,vegetables,grass,pulp of pulses which are usually thrown by the farmers as waste part.Osmanabadi goats are recommended by veterinary doctors for goat farming.Start your goat farm business with these specially selected osmanabadi goats and earn handsome profit.With sky rocketing meat prices, shortage of supply and increased demand for meat,goat farming has become a viable business option.This breed is considered useful both for meat and milk.All our goats are healthy and Vaccinated.